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This page is dedicated to the members of the Toronto Police A. A. A. Golf League who have accomplished the rare feat of scoring a "Hole In One". Any member who scores a hole in one, in league play or anywhere else, will be added to this list showing the most recent date first. Congratulations to those few and continued good luck!

Name Month Date Year Course Location Hole Yards Club L. T. P.
Paul Malbeuf Sep. 09 2021 Duntroon Highlands Duntroon, Ont. 14th 201 5 I P
Bill Patterson Sep. 18 2019 Pickering Golf Club Pickering 4th 129 8I P
Graham Hanlon March 28 2019 Heritage Bay Golf Links Naples, Fla 8th 121 PW P
Rob Read Sep. 7 2018 National Pines Golf Club Innisfil, ON 17th 158 6I P
Clarence Cook July 11 2018 Deerfield Golf Club Oakville, ON 9th 136 8I P
Larry Mikalachki June 18 2018 Wyndance Golf Club Uxbridge, ON 3rd 165 8I L
Jason Boag June 5 2018 St. Andrews Valley Golf Club Aurora, ON 15th 142 9I L
Rick Kiczek May 19 2016 Ballantrae Golf Club Toronto, ON 15th 124 9I P
Dave Herbert Apr. 19 2016 Stonehenge Golf Club Toronto, ON 8th 170 4I P
Mark Harvey Aug. 7 2015 Don Valley Golf Club Toronto, ON 15th 145 PW P
Joe Park Jun. 1 2015 Wyndance GOlf Club Uxbridge, ON 3rd 165 7I L
Dave Starrett May 19 2015 Rattlesnake Point - Copperhead Course Milton, ON 13th 163 2I L
Dave Haines May 8 2015 Station Creek - South Gormley, ON 15th 156 7I P
Tony Crawford Jul. 26 2014 Deer Crrek G.C. (Sapphire) Ajax, ON 8th 128 9I T
Dave Haines May 8 2014 Cherry Downs Pickering, ON 15th 143 8I P
Scott Ferguson Sep. 26 2013 Cherry Downs Golf Club Pickering, ON 15th 153 7I P
Tom Browning Jun. 24 2013 Caledon Woods Golf Club Bolton, ON 13th 152 8I L
Doug Gibson May. 4 2013 Carrying Place Golf Club Kettleby, ON 4th 137 9I P
Mario Venneri Jul. 26 2011 Brae Ben Golf Club Mississauga, ON 2nd 129 9I L
Dave Herbert Jul. 19 2011 Stonehenge Golf Club Bowmanville, ON 8th 170 4I P
Juergen Mueller Jul. 12 2011 The Highlands G. C. Bradford, ON 8th 129 8I L
Clarence Cook Sep. 6 2010 Black Forest at Wilderness Valley Gaylord, Michigan 15th 120 SW P
Larry Linton Sep. 14 2009 Silver Lakes Golf Club Newmarket, ON 3rd 135 8 I L
Bill Goodchild Apr. 24 2009 Pickering Golf Club Pickering, ON 2nd 165 5 I P
John Johnston Nov 16 2008 Halifax Plantation Ormond Beach, Fl 3rd 147 7 I P
Henry Wlodarczyk May 23 2008 Piper's Heath G. C. Hornby 16th 156 8 I P
Bill Boag May 30 2007 Caverns G. C. Luray,Virgina 7th 148 6 I P
Craig Ramsey May 30 2007 Caverns G. C. Luray,Virgina 7th 148 5 W P
John Frisch May 6 2007 Blue Mountian G. C. Collingwood 6th 134 9 I P
Joe Solski Oct. 30 2006 St. Andrews Valley G. C. Aurora 4th 162 6 I P
Dave Herbert July 18 2006 Shawneeki Golf Club Sharon 7th 125 9 I L
Bruce Newman June 24 2006 Ballantrae Golf Club Ballantrae 17th 135 PW P
Joe Solski July 12 2005 York Downs Golf Club Unionville 8th 156 6 I P
Chuck DiLullo May 2 2005 Harbor View Golf Club North Myrtle Beach 4th 122 PW P
Bob Drohan April 20 2004 Royal Ontario Golf Club Milton 2nd 160 7 I P
Clarence Cook April 7 2004 Crow Creek Golf Club North Myrtle Beach 16th 156 8 I P
Bill Patterson June 18 2003 Seaton Golf Club Pickering 2nd 185 5W P
Bill Patterson June 17 2003 Hidden Lake - Old Course Burlington 4th 180 4W L
Paul Malbeuf Aug. 17 2001 Lakeridge Links G. C. Ajax 17th 157 7 I P
Rob Read June 12 1996 Glen Cedars Golf Club Claremont 5th 157 7 I P

L=TPAAA League Round, T=TPAAA Tournament Round, P=Personal Round (not TPAAA related)

Anyone who would like to be recognized for their "Hole in One" may forward the information to Webmaster

(Please include Name, date, golf course, location, hole #, yardage and club used.)