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The organization shall be known as The Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association Golf League.


The Purpose of the League is :

a) To promote friendly competition between members of the Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association in a sporting environment.

b) To work toward improving individual golfing skills by providing competition that is open to all members.

c) To promote and foster among the members of this league a common bond and fraternity for their joint and mutual benefit and to conserve the best interest and true spirit of the game of golf.

d) To promote and enforce uniformity in the rules of golf, as set forth by the Royal Canadian Golf Association and the Ontario Golf Association by establishing a representative authority.

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a) Membership in the league shall be open and available to all members in good standing of the Toronto Police Amateur Athletic Association.

b) Membership shall be for a period of one year expiring on December 31 of any calender year.

c) Membership confers no voice nor special privilege in connection with the operation of any of the golf courses where the league may conduct it's business or activities from time to time.

d) Each member of the league shall receive all benefits negotiated for or obtained on behalf of the members by the Board of Directors.

e) All membership fees and dues shall be established by the Board of Directors in such amounts as they deem are adequate to operate and maintain the League.

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Board of Directors

a) The Board of Directors shall be composed of five members, in good standing, of the league.

b) An election for the Board of Directors shall take place every second year, at the Annual Meeting.

c) A member in good standing shall be appointed Chair of the Nomination Committee who shall publish a list of candidates nominated for the Board of Directors.

d) Such list shall be made available to all members of the league in attendance at the Annual Meeting.

e) Any member, in good standing, may submit their name or the name of any other member for nomination, in writing, to the chair of the nomination committee at least one month prior to the Annual Meeting at which an election for officers is being held.

f) Each member shall be entitled to one vote in any election of officers or in any vote taken on behalf of the members at any Annual or Special Meeting.

g) A member will not be permitted to vote on behalf of other members who are not in attendance at the Annual or any Special Meeting.

h) A member elected to a position on the Board of Directors shall retain his position for a period of two years unless the member resigns or is removed from office pursuant to the league constitution.

i) If a member of the Board is unable to complete his term of office his position will be filled by a member appointed by the President.

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a) The Board of Directors shall meet and elect a President, Secretary and a Treasurer within 30 days of any election from among the five Members elected.

b) The President, Secretary and Treasurer shall perform those duties as assigned to them in accordance with the by-laws of this organization and any other duties that may arise from time to time.

c) The remaining members of the Board of Directors shall assume those roles as assigned by the President.

d) No member of the Board of Directors shall accept any discount, property or other valuable consideration that would place his position as a member of the Board of Directors in a conflict of interest.

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a) The Board of Directors shall authorize and define the powers and duties of all committees.

b) The Chair and all committee members shall be appointed by the President and such members shall be members in good standing.

c) Each committee member shall agree to serve in that position for a term of two years.

d) A member may only serve on one committee at any one time.

e) The Rules Committee must have as a Chair, a Member of the Board of Directors, who shall sit for a period of only one year.

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a) The books, records and accounts of the club shall be kept by the Treasurer and shall be presented, upon request in writing to the Board of Directors, to any member in good standing for their examination or inspection.

b) A financial statement shall be presented to the members at the Annual Meeting each year for approval by the members.

c) At all General, Annual or Special Meetings, Robert's Rules of Order shall be adhered to.

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Amendments of By-Laws

a) The Board of Directors shall have the power to repeal or amend any by-laws, regulations or duties upon receiving the approval of a majority of the members at the Annual Meeting.

b) Any member may submit proposed changes to repeal or amend any by-laws, regulations or duties by submitting such proposal to the Board at least 30 days prior to an Annual, General or Special meeting.

c) A member submitting a proposed change to repeal or amend any by-law, regulation or duty must submit such change in writing to the Board.

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Duties of the Board of Directors

ITEM # 1:


a) The President shall chair all Board, Annual and Special meetings held by the organization.

b) The President is responsible for the good running of the organization.

c) The President shall represent the organization when consultation with other groups or organizations is requested or required.

d) The President shall be one of two signing officers in relation to all financial matters.

ITEM # 2:


a) The Secretary shall be responsible for recording and maintaining the minutes of all Board, Annual or Special Meetings held by the organization and shall, on request by any member , make available the minutes of any Annual or Special meeting to that member.

b) The Secretary shall be responsible for maintaining all records relating to the keeping of all scores of each member of the league and he shall cause to be published such records on a weekly basis after official handicapping has been performed.

c) The Secretary shall be required to perform the duties of the President in his absence.

ITEM # 3:


a) The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining all records relating to any financial transactions taken on behalf of the membership of this organization.

b) The Treasurer shall be one of the two signing officers for the league in all financial matters.

c) The Treasurer shall prepare a yearly financial report detailing the financial record of the league and will, upon request by any member. make available a copy of the report.

d) The Treasurer shall be required to perform any additional duties that may be assigned from time to time.

ITEM # 4:


a) The Members of the Board of Directors shall perform those duties that are assigned to them by the President.

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ITEM # 1:

League Rules of Play

The league is split into four "Flights" and is separated by the individual handicap of each golfer. The league website, this website, is the official site for the posting of all scores and handicaps.

Each player is responsible for booking their match at least eight (8) days in advance of the match. For games played on Tuesday the booking should be made no later than 2:00 p.m. Monday of the previous week or on a schedule decided on and posted by the committee prior to the season commencing. Late arrivals may be accommodated but only when the league hasn't filled every tee slot with 4somes.

Booking can be accomplished by e-mailing the scheduler at TPAAA Golf Scheduler

The league registration fee of $400.00 is due before the season commences. The season finale inlcuding banquet is extra. Prices are found on the Schedule Page. Once your account has been depleted you must add more funds to your account to pay for additional games.

If you have to cancel please notify the league as soon as possible. In some cases you may lose your fee if the cancellation gan not be filled by another league member.

Rain cancellations are subject to the policy of the individual course. Do not assume a round will be cancelled because of inclement weather. Plan on playing in inclement weather by dressing appropriately.

All score cards for rounds of golf played elsewhere must be submitted to the league for calculation of your league handicap. Failure to comply with this can result in ineligibility at the year end tournament.

The Rules of Golf - Royal Canadian Golf Association Rules apply except where local rules prevail. Rule books are available upon request for a nominal fee.

Player handicaps are based on a computerized system and will be adjusted as each league member submits sufficient score cards to be handicapped, usually five cards will suffice. Players not meeting the minimum number of league matches will not be eligible for the year end trophy presentation.

The year end tournament and banquet is a separate event and the price is based on the amount of subsidy the league has left at the end of the regular season.

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ITEM # 2:

Schedule, Length of Season, Team Captains, Rain Outs & Playoff Format

a) A series of round dates will be established for members play, which will comprise the regular season.

b) Each individual player will be required to play a minimum of five rounds in the regular season to qualify for the League Championship Tournament.

c)No prizes will be awarded that would place into jeopardy the amateur status, as defined in the Rules of Golf, of any member of the league.

d) The playoff format will be based on the Low Net Scores of the individual players as determined by league play.

e) The Rain Out policy will be established by the particular course a round is played at. the League will not be responsible for obtaining any refund, rain check or discount over and above that which may be obtained for any particular round as offered by the golf course.

f) The Board of Directors may at any time alter the Rules of Play as defined in Article 10, without amendment to the Constitution, to accommodate any changes made during the regular season, provided that all members of the league are notified of such changes in writing at least two weeks prior to such changes being made.

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ITEM # 3:

Duties of League Members

a) Members are expected to behave in a manner that will not bring the name or the image of the league into disrepute.

b) No member shall knowingly submit a false or incorrect score card.

c) Members must submit their completed score cards, dated and signed by the member to the League Secretary at the completion of the round. Electronic submissions are prefered.

d) Members of the league are expected to abide by and enforce the rules of golf as set forth by the Royal Canadian Golf Association.

e) Members shall not engage in any wagering or betting that would place the amateur status of any member in jeopardy.

f) Members alleged to have committed offences contrary to league rules shall be subject to punishment as decided by the Rules Committee.

g) The Rules Committee shall sit and hear evidence with respect to a breach of the rules of conduct by any member of the organization.

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ITEM # 4:

Injuries, long and short term

a) Any player suffering a long term injury will be permitted to withdraw from further play in the league.

b) A long term injury is defined as one that results in inability to play for period of more than four weeks.

c) The remaining player of the team shall be permitted to arrange for a replacement player and if so arranged, the replacement player must be a member of the league and shall assume the role of the injured player for the remainder of the season.

d) The handicapping of the replacement player shall commence upon his playing at least five rounds on sloped and rated courses. All league matches played prior to obtaining a handicap will be re-visited and a handicap applied once it has been established.

e) If the remaining player is unable to arrange for a replacement player and the team does not have a minimum of five completed rounds for each player, the team shall not be eligible for any team post season awards. The remaining player, on completion of the required number of rounds, will still be eligible for individual awards.

f) A short term injury is defined as an injury that results in an inability to play for a period of less than four weeks.

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ITEM # 5:

Rules Committee

a) A Rules Committee shall be formed and shall be made up of one member of the Board of Directors who shall act as Chair and two members of the league.

b) A member who disputes a ruling made in accordance with Item # 1(d) may in writing, request the chair of the Rules Committee to review such a ruling.

c) The Chair of the Rules Committee on receiving a request to review a decision will examine all facts as submitted by both teams or individuals prior to making any decision to permit an appeal to take place.

d) The Chair may also consult with any person he feels may assist in making a determination to allow an appeal.

e) If the Chair decides that a ruling shall stand he shall notify the captain of the requesting team in writing.

f) If the Chair allows an appeal to be heard he shall cause the Committee to sit and they shall hear evidence from all interested parties.

g) The Rules Committee shall then render a decision based on the evidence presented at the hearing. Once their decision has been reached no further appeal will be permitted.

h) The Chair of the Rules Committee shall then notify the members involved and the League Secretary in writing of the final decision.

i) If the decision affects the league standings the secretary shall make such changes as required in order to maintain the league records.

j) The Rules Committee shall, when required, sit in judgment of any member alleged to have breached any of the rules of conduct of the organization.

k) A member alleged to have breached any of the rules of conduct of the organization shall receive written notice of such allegation and may answer to such allegation in person or in writing at a meeting convened by the Chair of the Rules Committee to determine the guilt or innocence of the said member.

l) Said member shall also be permitted to call evidence on his behalf in defence of any allegation.

m) The decision of the Rules Committee is final and no appeal shall be permitted from any decision reached.

n) Members are encouraged to resolve any disputes among themselves and the Rules Committee shall be a place of last resort.

o) Should a member request a further appeal of any decision through the Ontario Golf Association, the member making such request shall be solely responsible for any fee that is imposed by the G.A.O. or R.C.G.A. in order to hear such an appeal.

p) The organization assumes no liability on behalf of any member who submits any matter to the G.A.O. or R.C.G.A. without the prior consent of the Board of Directors.

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